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WannaBike is looking for a new owner

“Having enjoyed the fantastic challenge of running WannaBike for ten years, I am looking for someone to take over from me. It would be wonderful to find a person who is as passionate about mountain biking as I am. Someone who can take care of the well known brand and focus on expanding the business to the next level, which it is ready for!
This will give me the opportunity to focus on my two other companies, WannaGo Outdoors (Fun teambuilding) and WannaGrow (Teambuilding, Training and Coaching). Our unconventional teambuilding and training projects have generated more interest than I expected. Not only from corporate groups, but also from government organizations in Curacao, Aruba,  Bonaire and St. Maarten. I am really looking forward to expand these activities in the near future.”


What is WannaBike?

WannaBike is a bike company in Curacao that offers bike tours, mainly for tourists. For local residents, we offer MTB lessons: clinics for adults and lessons for kids between seven and fourteen years old.

impression of a tour with thanks to the ANVR group


In 2015  WannaBike celebrated her 10th anniversary. In those ten years we had over 15.000 people on the bike (tourists and local adults and kids).
The  position of the brand is very strong. In recent years we invested quite a lot  in the website and Facebook page. The SEO of the site is well designed, content is kept up to date and the reservation form has been continuously optimized.
TripAdvisor has become one of the most important marketing tools.


This means that you will buy a strong brand, it’s goodwill and great reputation and of course all the assets.

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